Residential Septic Certifications

Septic Certifications for Homes

We all know that home plumbing issues can be very frustrating and bothersome; it can easily give you a migraine just thinking about all the parts that may need fixing. These problems can quickly damage your yard or even leave you with a house full of standing water. At LePew Industrial Inc., our experts understand the problems that may arise with septic systems, and our highly-skilled technicians are ready to take on your rooter problem at an affordable price. The rosy-smell-good guys at LePew Industrial Inc. have the proper equipment and tools to get to the root of the problem.

Here at LePew Industrial Inc., our mission is to satisfy and exceed our customers’ expectations. Contact us today for more information!

Septic Certifications for Homes

Certified Septic Services

LePew Industrial Inc. is a licensed sanitation system C-42 contractor; we provide top septic tank services for homes. After fully inspecting your septic system, we will provide you with a C-42 certificate if all requirements are met.

Our home inspection process may include:

  • Electronically locate pump then Crust Bust your septic tank
  • Install risers (if necessary) and meet all environmental health codes
  • Identify location of septic tank, distribution box, leach lines, or seepage pits
  • Provide plans suitable to location of your septic system

After a full inspection of your home septic system, we will provide you with a C-42 Certificate on the same day.

We are extremely proud of our outstanding services and results. We offer many services such as locating your hidden septic tank, a home percolation test, digital camera inspections, hydro-jet cleaning, septic tank pumping, rooter service, and certifications. From complicated installations to simple repairs, whatever your septic problem may be, you can always count on us as your trusted local experts 24/7. Give LePew a call and let us know how we can help you.

C-42 Certified Home Septic System Service