Electronically Locating Commercial Septic Tanks

Locating Commercial Septic Tank Services

Can’t find your commercial septic tank buried under the many layers of dirt? LePew Industrial Inc. can provide commercial septic tank locating services. Our experts have different methods of locating your commercial septic tank. Most commercial septic tank covers are round with a cover about 27 inches in diameter. Older systems have a square or a rectangular concrete cover while some may have a steel septic tank and cover.

Electronically Locating Commercial Septic Tanks

How Do I Find My Commercial Septic Lid?

In certain scenarios, we may be able to see a slight low or high spot in your yard which indicates where the cover had been dug up before. Once the spot has been found, we will probe the ground with a steel probe. Steel tanks can easily be found by using a metal detector. Before you begin your search for a commercial concrete cover, make sure you check with past owners of the property, local pumpers, and your local health department. They may already know where it is located from past repairs or installations. Remember that it is against the law to dig or probe on your own property without getting the utilities marked first. After they are marked, don’t probe or dig up a high pressure gas line or cut any fiber-optic cables. Call our septic experts to help find your commercial septic tank. Our professionals will do the work for you.

How Does An Electric Commercial Septic Tank Locator Work?

At times, our professional staff will try to see where the sewer pipe exists through your walls. We will then be able to scan the yard about 10 – 20 feet directly out from where the commercial sewer pipe sits, this helps us look for the buried cover. LePew has the latest technology to find your commercial septic tank. By using our electronic locating devices, it can detect cast-iron and PVC pipes. This tiny device is flushed down your toilet which eventually drains out into your septic tank, emitting a signal to tell our experts where to dig. LePew Industrial Inc. will be more than happy to locate your hiding commercial septic tank, contact our experienced technicians today!