Commercial Septic System Camera Inspections

Septic System Camera Inspections for Commercial Properties

Our highly-skilled septic experts  have the current state-of-the-art video camera equipment to allow us to look at your commercial septic system and locate the issues. LePew Industrial Inc. professionals are extremely proud to offer digital camera inspections to inspect the inside of your commercial septic system, drain lines, and drain fields. Camera inspections are one of the prized tools in the plumbing industry. The camera is waterproof which allows a visual inspection, finding potential future septic system issues as well as current issues. This cutting edge technology places LePew Industrial Inc. miles ahead of other septic system companies. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on camera inspections.

How Does A Camera Inspection Work?

Rather than digging up your entire yard searching for the source of the problem, our experienced experts will insert one of our digital cameras into your drain lines or septic lines. LePew Industrial Inc. will also be able to provide you with a picture showing you the condition of your drain or septic lines. Our experts will be able to identify the type and nature of any issue in your pipes and exactly where it is. By using our digital cameras, this can help determine whether a pipe is clogged by debris, grease build-up, tree roots, or if a pipe is broken. Once our experts have identified the problem in your commercial septic system, our technician will efficiently repair the problem without any unnecessary digging, saving you time and money. This will also help prevent any septic system problems from reoccurring in the future.

Commercial Septic System Camera Inspections

Septic System Camera Inspection Questions

What method of inspection is the most efficient and cost effective for a commercial septic system?

The most effective method of inspection is a camera inspection. A septic inspection for a commercial septic system is not complete unless it is performed by an experienced and certified expert. Also, a complete inspection must include pumping the system; this is done at the time of inspection.

Why does the septic tank have to be pumped at the time of inspection?

Commercial Septic Tank Pumping will allow our experts to inspect the tank because the physical condition of the tank cannot be evaluated below the waste level. LePew Industrial Inc. recommends having your commercial septic tank pumped during inspection, not before, because it is important to inspect your commercial septic system under normal operating conditions.

Camera Inspections for Commercial Septic Tanks

Why do you use a digital camera for inspection on a commercial septic system?

Our digital camera provides several advantages over the traditional form of commercial septic system testing. The camera allows our experts to visually inspect all important components of your commercial drain lines or septic lines. It also provides a visual confirmation of any problems, no matter how deep within the septic system. When inspections are done without a camera, it relies on a lot of guesswork. For instance, a minor issue like a blocked pipe in your commercial septic system may be misdiagnosed as a failure of an absorption field. When using a camera at the time of inspection, it can easily avoid any misdiagnosis, saving you thousands of dollars in repairs.

How long will my commercial septic system camera inspection take?

Depending on the complexity of each commercial septic system, it can take from 2-3 hours.

Do I need to be present for the camera inspection of my commercial septic system?

It is not required for you to be present during our camera inspection, but we will need access inside the property. Our professionals highly recommend that you are present for your commercial septic system inspection because you will be able to see the problem and familiarize yourself with system parts for future reference.

How Does A Camera Inspection Work