Commercial Hydro-Jet Cleaning

Hydro-Jet Cleaning Commercial Septic Tanks

LePew Industrial Inc. specializes in hydro-jetting your commercial drain and tanks. This is the only method that can clean your sewer and drains like new. By using high pressured water to scour the interior walls of grease, roots, sand/dirt and debris, it will literally flush away all your problems.

Why Choose Hydro-Jet Cleaning?

When you think about cleaning your commercial drains, the first thought may be to grab a store-bought bottle of drain cleaner. What most people do not realize is these “drain-cleaners” have several chemicals mixed together, containing a high level of acid that can actually be harmful to the interior of pipes and leave behind toxic residue. For commercial tanks, we utilize a sewer cleaning process called hydro-jet cleaning, a method of cleaning using high-pressure streams of water, removing any solid build up and debris. With extreme pressure ranges from 7,000 PSI to 60,000 PSI, it is perfect for commercial pipe and/or tank cleaning. Unlike mechanical rodding that simply cuts a hole in the blockage, hydro jet-cleaning will get rid of roots, grease, and debris all around the walls of the pipe. Don’t hesitate to contact our experts for hydro-jet cleaning commercial septic tanks!

Hydro-Jet Cleaning Commercial Septic Tanks

Benefits Of Hydro-Jetting Service

There are many benefits to hydro-jetting your septic systems that can bring your drain lines to almost new condition again. However, because vast amounts of high pressured water is used to clear out the septic system, only qualified hydro-jetting technicians should take on this challenge which will minimize the possibility of further damage and obstructions. LePew Industrial has a team of professional technicians that will safely and efficiently clear your septic system lines. Listed below are some of the great benefits to Hydro-Jetting commercial septic systems:

Benefit #1: Thorough Cleaning Commercial Drains

Hydro-jetting is the ultimate method for cleaning commercial drains. Our experts will use a high pressured water stream, cleaning out all debris and gunk completely, leaving the pipes clear for water flow. Typical snake-type drain cleaners break up debris into smaller pieces, which can re-clog the drain in the future. Hydro-jet cleaning can also prevent self-healing clogs of grease from gathering again if some material is left on the interior walls of your commercial tanks and pipes.

Benefit #2: Banish the Bacteria

When bacteria begins to settle in your commercial drain, it can cause an endless list of issues, such as harboring disease or causing a disgusting odor. The hydro-jet cleaning method removes all bacteria and debris, leaving the drain pipes squeaky clean. If you smell foul odor coming from your drains, consider hydro-jet cleaning your commercial tank and pipes.

Benefit #3: Remove Residue

Hydro-jet cleaning removes all substance residues from the walls of your commercial pipes. Common substances that block commercial drains include:

  • Sand
  • Grease
  • Soap
  • Ice
  • Mud

If not cleaned properly, all of the substances listed above can easily build up together and leave residue on the walls of your commercial pipes. When you use a snake-type drain cleaner for commercial drains, it is impossible to reach the walls of the pipe, leaving residue until you have another blockage.

Benefit #4: Maneuverability

Since most sites have aging infrastructure and commercial pipes are often rusted, cleaning commercial drains can be a tricky business. When your drains are clogged, all you want to do is simply remove the clog without damaging the pipe. Hydro-jet cleaning uses a high-pressure water flow and the hose can be moved around to hit every dirty spot. This lets our experts target particular spots and target areas that are likely to clog again.

Benefit #5: Saving You Money

The greatest benefit of choosing hydro-jet cleaning for your commercial tank is the financial benefit. Since this unique method of cleaning gets the drains so fresh, you won’t have to clean so often. After cleaning with a high-pressure water stream, our expert plumber can do a commercial septic system camera inspection of the pipes just to make sure your commercial drains are completely clean.