Commercial ATU Systems

ATU Systems - Aerobic Treatment Unit

Our professional experts in septic system services are trained and certified to install BioSolutionsAdvanTex® Wastewater Treatment Systems. AdvanTex® Wastewater Treatment System is an innovative technology, providing consistent and reliable advanced treatment for commercial septic systems in any condition.

Wastewater Treatment for Commercial Septic Systems

The heart of the wastewater treatment system is the AdvanTex® filter, a sturdy and watertight fiberglass basis filled with synthetic textile instead of sand as the filtering media. This is why you can treat the same amount of wastewater in a fraction of the space that a sand filter needs. A filter is an essential part in a septic tank because it keeps solids in the septic tank, preventing any damages to your treatment system, drip system or drain field. By choosing a corrosion-resistant filter and having a large flow area, it will need less maintenance because Biotube Effluent Filter has 2-7 times the flow area. Even during high-flow conditions, AdvanTex® will always provide reliable treatment and with the odorless effluent, it is great for reuse applications.

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The AdvanTex® Treatment System is ideal for:

  • Nitrogen Reduction
  • Pretreatment
  • Low-Maintenance
  • Eco-Friendly
BioSolutionsAdvanTex for Commercial Septic Systems
How Does Aerobic Treatment Units Work for Commercial Septic Systems?

Since men began to process their sewage rather than getting rid of it, one of the most reliable, inexpensive and oldest way to process it is by using a common septic tank for primary treatment. A common commercial septic tank provides the primary treatment while AdvanTex® filter provides the “polish” before discharge. A septic tank is technically a big spot on the sewer line that accommodates a quiet ambience for sewage and debris to settle and clarify, naturally. Normally, organisms that are in sewage continue to break down, eventually turning into gas and clarified liquid prior moving forward to its final disposal, all happening naturally without any moving parts.

Other commercial septic systems try to force this break down process by extended aeration, using fans and blowers to stir up and mix air with the primary sewage, keeping the solid matter in suspension for treatment. This is done by several moving parts and if any of these parts begin to fail, very little or no treatment is done. For instance, most Alaska residents usually do not have the advantages of ground disposal, so a synthetic drain field that is able to provide an environment for this natural process. By using electric, it is easy to control this final state of treatment while confining it into a very small space. The only moving parts are stable water well pumps that move the processed liquid around and send disinfected, clean water to the disposal site. You can think of AdvanTex® like a drain field in a box!

Wastewater Treatment for Commercial Septic Systems?